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Top Stories for December 10:

Trump bashes Jewish leaders for not being “loyal” after his dinner with Holocaust deniers

Fed up with being called antisemitic for doing antisemitic things on the regular, the disgraced ex-president responded by trashing — you guessed it — Jews! Call him a bigoted idiot all you want (seriously, please do), but that takes chutzpah!

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Kyrsten Sinema pulls obnoxious stunt

The first-term Arizona senator, who owes her entire political career to the Democratic Party — and Democratic voters, switched her party affiliation to Independent yesterday in a calculated, self-serving move to remain relevant and avoid a primary challenge from an actual Democrat. Deeply unpopular with large swaths of voters across the political spectrum, Sinema has determined her only path forward in 2024 is to split voters and somehow eek out a win in a contested, three-way race. Good luck with that, Kyrsten.

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#SpecialInterestSinema Sold Out: But None of Us Are Surprised…

OD Action Partner: Sinema sold out and betrayed her party as well as the voters of Arizona in the name of corporate greed.

1st Gen Z congressman-elect denied apartment over bad credit
Welcome to America, where being elected to the United States Congress isn’t enough to keep a Black man from being denied housing.

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Explainer: What Sinema’s switch means for the Senate
Spoiler: Not nearly as much as she’d like you to think.

Federal judge declines Justice Department’s request to hold Trump’s team in contempt over classified documents
Because what’s a few stolen nuclear secrets amongst friends?

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GOP rep who cried about legal gay marriage blasted by her nephew

“Today, my aunt Vicky (Rep. Hartzler) started crying because gay people like me can get married,” Andrew Hartzler said. “So despite coming out to my aunt this past February, I guess she’s still as much of a homophobe.”

Trump screws over GOP responding to Hunter Biden laptop saga

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Not a smart move.

Lawmakers urge Biden to guarantee rail workers’ sick leave
Progressives continue to push the wild idea that workers are human beings worthy of dignity rather than just assets for corporations to exploit.

WTO rules against Trump’s steel and aluminum tariffs
The world’s most notorious serial liar had claimed that European and Japanese steel posed an urgent security risk but failed to provide any compelling evidence to support the claim.

Fake Hallie Biden tweet about presidential election allowed to circulate on Twitter, Facebook
Even as billionaire tech bozos shriek that they’re cleaning up fraud on their platforms and legit accounts are penalized, trolls are allowed to impersonate and defame members of the president’s family with phony accounts.

Republican Kari Lake files lawsuit in bid to overturn Arizona election
On the one hand Governor-elect Hobbs received a clear majority of votes in a verifiably free and fair election, but on the other hand wahhhhhhhhhhh.


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