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Top Stories for March 5:

Trump trolls Ron DeSantis, Bush family in CPAC speech, shit talks America while vowing “retribution” for his enemies

The disgraced ex-president ratcheted up the demagoguery to fever pitch at CPAC Saturday night, unloading a barrage of grievances, fantastical lies, and barbs at Republican and Democratic opponents alike. The very stable genius cast himself as America’s only chance to avoid World War III, and vowed to seek revenge on, well, basically anyone who doesn’t agree with him or his MAGA cult’s twisted, ignorant world view.

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Fox News hit with new bombshell legal problem

In addition to the ongoing, billion-dollar Dominion Voting Systems lawsuit, Rupert Murdoch and his propaganda network are now facing legal action for violating campaign finance law after revelations that Murdoch leaked Biden campaign information to Jared Kushner during the 2020 election. Oops!

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Republicans caught pulling DISGUSTING stunt over train derailment

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen Unbelievable.

CPAC speaker calls for eradication of transgenderism
There is no quiet part, folks. The Republican Party’s assault on individual freedom is front and center, loud and clear. Confirm to their worldview or be eradicated “entirely.”

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Fox News execs regret upsetting MAGA supporters in leaked 2020 recording
In the aftermath of the 2020 election, Fox News executives panicked over the furious uproar they faced from conservatives for accurately calling Arizona for Biden before any of their competitors. For potential solutions, executives actually floated ditching their state-of-art project system and just basing calls on how viewers might feel about them.

Biden’s Selma visit puts spotlight back on voting rights

President Biden is set to pay tribute to the heroes of “Bloody Sunday,” commemorating the seminal moment in the civil rights movement nearly 60 years ago. Today’s visit also presents Biden with the opportunity to speak directly to the current generation of civil rights activists, many of whom feel dejected because the president has been unable to make good on a campaign pledge to bolster voting rights in the face of unrelenting Republican obstruction.

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Texas GOP censures Republican congressman for “lack of fidelity” to party principles and priorities
Disgruntled goons in the Texas Republican Party took issue with several House votes and stances by GOP Rep. Tony Gonzales, including his vote for the Respect for Marriage Act, his opposition to a GOP-led border security measure, and his vote in favor of bipartisan gun-safety legislation. Gonzales’ district includes Uvalde, for those keeping score at home. How dare Tony buck the party line and, you know, consider the concerns of his constituents!

Biden has common skin cancer lesion removed, White House doctor says
The White House on Friday confirmed President Joe Biden’s skin lesion that was removed during his physical last month was basal cell carcinoma — a very common and treatable skin cancer. All cancerous tissue was removed and no further treatment is required, his doctor said.

Another Norfolk Southern train derails in Ohio
Oh, good. ANOTHER Norfolk Southern train derailed in Springfield, Ohio, yesterday, triggering fears of further environmental catastrophe following the East Palestine derailment last month. While state officials and representatives of the embattled train company say no toxins were aboard yesterday’s train, the accident caused local power outages and prompted officials to instruct residents in the area to shelter in place.


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