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Top Stories for February 23:

Trump brags about bringing “Trump water” to families affected by Ohio train derailment

The disgraced ex-president tried to upstage the Biden team by visiting the chem-drenched town of East Palestine, Ohio, but it was clear from the outset that — shocker — this was allllll about him and his ego. Trump turned up with 12 pallets of what he called “Trump Water” and some “other, lesser quality water,” wandered around a bit before going to McDonalds, and no we are not joking. It is beyond grotesque to see Trump show up at the site of a disaster that his regulation-hacking administration played no small part in causing and then turn it into an infomercial for yet another subpar Trump-brand product. Truly, there is no bottom.

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Jared and Ivanka slammed with bad legal news from special counsel

The disgraced ex-president’s daughter and her crook of a husband have finally been subpoenaed by Special Counsel Jack Smith over their role in allowing the January 6 attack to unfold, as the investigation probes deeper into Trump’s inner circle. Will the cynical, self-serving, spoiled sociopaths throw Daddy-o under the bus? We can’t wait to find out.

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Lauren Boebert gets bad news in Colorado

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Wow.

Former Arizona attorney general conveniently failed to release report disproving election fraud claims
Get a load of this bozo. Former AG Mark Brnovich had his agents spend over 10,000 hours investigating 638 complaints of “voter fraud” allegedly committed during the 2020 election and found no evidence of the widespread conspiracy incessantly pushed by Trump and his cronies. Brnovich conveniently failed to release the final report that would have decisively disproved those claims, giving bullshit conspiracies life and allowing Trump’s outrageous accusations to flourish among his supporters. He’s got a lot to answer for.

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Reporter shot dead while covering earlier fatal shooting in Florida
Keith Melvin Moses, 19, shot and killed a woman in Orlando on Wednesday, then returned later to the scene of the crime and killed a reporter covering the incident. A nine-year-old girl and her mother were also found dead nearby, also shot by Moses. Just another senseless and heart-wrenching day of preventable gun violence in America, where the epidemic of killing grows more morbidly absurd by the day.

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Steve Bannon’s ex-lawyers sue him over nearly $500,000 in unpaid legal bills

It appears the many-shirted liquor goblin is trying his hand at Trump’s infamous One Weird Trick to get out of paying nearly half a million dollars in legal fees. Somehow, we don’t see this ending well for Bannon, who is already facing charges of fraud, conspiracy, and money laundering.

New report paints dire picture of US healthcare
An investigation by the Milbank Memorial Fund found that the United States doesn’t have enough primary care doctors, is systematically underinvesting in primary care, and is putting almost no federal funding into primary care research. The richest country in the world should be able to do much better for its citizens, but instead we continue to maintain an exploitative and inhumane for-profit healthcare system that prioritizes corporate profits over the well-being of the American people.

It’s happening! (WATCH)

Evergreen Action: Thanks to the leadership of President Biden and bold governors like Wisconsin’s Tony Evers, the Inflation Reduction Act has already led to historic progress in our fight for a green future. Good, new UNION jobs in clean energy are exploding across the country and rekindling American manufacturing, addressing both the climate change crisis and building a fairer, greener economy for a better future.

Utah judge throws out case by 94 women against doctor who sexually assaulted them
In yet another disturbing glimpse into how the legal system shelters predatory men, a judge ruled that because a serial sexual predator was a doctor, the case must be judged by medical malpractice standards, which means that claims of appalling abuse are literally worth less than lawsuits brought by someone assaulted in a non-medical setting — even if a jury rules in the women’s favor, a judge is REQUIRED to limit how much money they receive in damages.

US authorities accuse Mormon Church of misrepresenting its investments
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has been ordered to pay a $5 million fine for creating a string of shell companies to hide their holdings from the public for more than two decades. Their wealth is valued at the staggering sum of $100 billion dollars, which raises pressing questions like “which other churches are doing this?” and “why the hell aren’t we taxing the bejesus out of them?”

Israeli West Bank raid kills 11 Palestinians and injures more than 100 others
Yet another brutal IDF raid, this time on the city of Nablus, left ten dead — including a 72-year-old man and a teenager — and scores more wounded. A raid ostensibly conducted to arrest three wanted militants left homes and cars destroyed, shops riddled with bullets, and blood staining the concrete as overwhelming force was once again brought to bear on a civilian area. Two months into the year and already 62 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces, triggering fears of further escalation and bloodshed.

Judge blocks 9/11 families from seizing Afghan central bank funds
In a victory for the people of Afghanistan, an absurd US plan to split the central Afghan bank’s frozen assets with the families of 9/11 victims has been put to an end. “Just like the families of the September 11th attack victims, the Afghan people are no stranger to the Taliban’s brutality and rule. We support the 9/11 families’ quest for just compensation, but believe justice will not be achieved by ‘raiding the coffers…’ of a people already suffering,” George B. Daniels of the Southern District of New York ruled.


Why pay workers more when you could just hire kids

America, the beautiful?



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Today’s Action: Register voters for Wisconsin’s Supreme Court election in April!

Abortion rights are taking center stage once again, this time in Wisconsin, where progressive voters have a chance to flip control of the state Supreme Court and help restore equitable access to reproductive healthcare. Securing Democratic seats on the state’s high court could spell the end of the current, near-total abortion ban that’s been on the books since 1849. And since Republican gerrymandering in Wisconsin is some of the most egregious in the country, this may be our best chance at restoring reproductive rights for marginalized people currently being denied equitable access to care.

While progressives have managed to deliver a string of recent statewide abortion-rights victories in the wake of last summer’s disastrous SCOTUS ruling that overturned Roe v. Wade, we must be steadfast in our pursuit to restore and preserve access to abortion care to the millions of folks living in Republican-dominated red states. The battle for reproductive healthcare is raging, and we must stand ready to fight.

Sign up to register voters for Wisconsin’s upcoming Supreme Court election every Friday from 12-2pm CST now until April 4! You don’t have to be in Wisconsin to join the fight, just be ready to put in the work to help identify and register new Wisconsin voters!

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