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Top Stories for October 10:

Trump says former President George H.W. Bush — who died in 2018 — should be investigated for keeping presidential documents in a bowling alley in bonkers pep-rally rant

The disgraced ex-president defended keeping classified documents at his Florida resort by accusing the late, elder Bush of doing the same, saying the 41st president “took millions and millions of documents” to a former bowling alley without any context or evidence to back up his strange claim.

Take Action: Demand Merrick Garland punish Trump and his fans for threatening Jan. 6 witnesses!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Trump issues dangerous statement at rally

The disgraced ex-president’s desperate need for adulation is as predictable as it is pathetic, but we’ve now reached the point where he’s openly bragging about the size of the crowd at his failed insurrection. Just waiting for “serious Republicans” to step up and exile this clown from their party… Surely any day now, right? Right?

Take Action: Demand Congress protect our babies from tainted baby food!

The death knell for Herschel Walker’s campaign

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen He won’t come back from this.

Leaked audio shows incredibly racist remarks by Los Angeles city council president
The impressively offensive recordings contain the voices of Council President Nury Martinez, Councilmembers Kevin de León and Gil Cedillo, and LA Labor Federation President Ron Herrera discussing a wide range of topics of great public interest and being incredibly racist, petulant, and vindictive while doing so.

Take Action: Pass the Congressional stock trading ban!

John Oliver calls out rampant, piss-poor police reporting by American media in must-see video
The Last Week Tonight host ripped the media for placing entirely too much trust in police when reporting on crime stories, calling out the two-word phrase heard frequently on TV news segments — “police say” — that should raise all sorts of red flags for anyone paying even a modicum of attention.

Take Action: Tell “Dank Brandon” to decriminalize marijuana at the federal level!

Goodbye, Columbus? Here’s what Indigenous Peoples’ Day means to Native Americans

Indigenous Peoples’ Day honors Native Americans’ resilience and contributions to American society throughout history, even as they faced assimilation, discrimination, and genocide spanning centuries. The move rightfully shifts focus from Columbus Day, the federal holiday officially created in 1937 that both celebrates the deeply problematic explorer Christopher Columbus and whitewashes his myriad crimes against humanity.

Take Action: Tell President Biden to take action to fix Puerto Rico’s power crisis!

COVID death rates are higher among Republicans than Democrats, mounting evidence shows
Researchers indicated excess death rates among Republicans across the country were almost certainly attributed to vaccine hesitancy and poor compliance with public health measures, such as mask usage and social distancing, in news that will shock no one nor shake steadfast, right-wing mistrust of science.

State legislatures are where the GOP’s agenda of cruelty and bigotry becomes reality. It’s time to fight back!

Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee: Abortion bans, book bans, attacks on trans kids, stripping away voting rights — it all happens in state legislatures. It’s time for us to take them back, and the DLCC is leading the charge. Will you chip in to help elect a slate of progressive, pro-choice Democrats and take back our state houses from Trump’s radical henchmen?

Judge blocks Republican state abortion ban as attempt “to completely eliminate the rights of Ohio women”
In a badly needed — albeit temporary — victory for women’s reproductive rights, Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge Christian Jenkins said the abortion ban is written “to almost completely eliminate the rights of Ohio women” and rebuffed the GOP-controlled state’s argument that the state constitution doesn’t protect abortion because it doesn’t explicitly mention it.

Trump-era special counsel John H. Durham going out with a whimper after years-long investigation into the origin of the so-called Steele dossier
Durham set off political reverberations last year when he unveiled a lengthy indictment of an analyst he accused of lying to the FBI about sources for the Steele dossier, but the trial now appears likely to be shorter and less politically salient than the Trump-era appointee suggested it would be. Next!


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