Hold the greedy railway company accountable for the toxic spill in Ohio!

Top Stories for February 15:

Justice Department tells court there’s evidence of a crime in bid to force more answers from Trump attorney

Special Counsel Jack Smith has made his most aggressive move to date by arguing that Trump’s lawyer, Evan Corcoran, forfeited his right to attorney-client privilege by plotting crimes with the lifelong-crook-turned-president. Suspicions that Trump’s lawyer plotted crimes began with revelations that he is Trump’s lawyer.

Take Action: Tell the Special Counsel to indict Donald Trump!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Trump loses big in New York court

The disgraced former president will be forced to cough up $110,000 in sanctions to NY AG Letitia James’ office after failing to respond to a subpoena for documents. It’s not a lot of money for the serial conman, but it is a symbolic reminder to Trump and cronies that Trump and his cronies are NOT above the law and that the courts have had it with his legal shenanigans.

Take Action: Demand an end to noncompete clauses that steal wages from workers!

Pete Buttigieg takes down Marjorie Taylor Greene

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Brilliant.

Ohio officials say air quality in East Palestine is fine but people should not drink the water
State health, safety, and environmental officials assert that the air quality in East Palestine is back to what it was before authorities ignited a “controlled burn” of toxic vinyl chloride in the wake of 150-car train derailment, but for now, people returning to their homes should stick to bottled water — which as yet will not be paid for by the company that caused this devastation. With thousands of fish and wild animals turning up dead in the wake of the crash, residents remain concerned about how bad things really are and how far the effects could be felt from a town less than 20 miles from the Ohio River.

Take Action: Denounce Exxon for hiding the evidence of climate change from the public!

South Dakota is going to force trans kids to detransition
The Republican war against trans children is entering a new nightmarish phase in South Dakota with a new bill that will force transgender youth to detransition. Last week, the GOP-controlled state senate passed House Bill 1080, which bans gender-affirming care — including puberty blockers, hormones, and surgery — for people under 18, in a sweeping 30-4 vote. It also gives doctors who treat transgender youth one year to stop providing gender-affirming care to those patients, effectively forcing young trans people to detransition. It can’t be stressed enough how much trauma and mental hardship this will heap upon young people already struggling with their gender identity, not to mention the physical toll of an abrupt hormonal reversal. It’s institutionalized cruelty, plain and simple. But on the other hand, it really fires up the bigot vote.

Take Action: Tell Congress to overturn Citizens United!

Trump wants to televise executions to discourage crime

The disgraced ex-president is considering all manner of bloodthirsty policies to buoy his 2024 campaign, reportedly including an ad with televised executions to “put the fear of God” into criminals.

Take Action: Demand the Senate Judiciary Committee hold hearings on the unaccountable Supreme Court!

Sen. Dianne Feinstein announces she will retire from Congress
Concerns have been growing that the 89-year-old California Democrat is no longer fit to serve due to cognitive decline and now her office has officially announced that she will not be seeking another term. Her vacating of the seat will open up the possibility of a more progressive Democrat stepping in who could prove better suited to tackle the growing challenges facing America. Feinstein deserves our thanks for her long illustrious career — particularly her work in fighting gun violence — but she is making the right decision by leaving.

Pence to fight special counsel subpoena on Trump’s 2020 election denial
Just another “law and order” Republican refusing a lawful order…

Musk demands Twitter engineers boost his tweets after Biden outperforms him during Super Bowl
Elon’s cousin James Musk sent an emergency message to Twitter’s engineers at 2:36 on Monday morning, demanding that they change the algorithm to promote Elon Musk’s tweets because Joe Biden had recieved more engagement during the Super Bowl than Musk did. It is some of the most tyrannically insecure loser shit the world has ever seen, and all so Elon’s awful 2009-era epic bacon memes that HE DOESN’T EVEN MAKE HIMSELF get shoved into the face of a global audience.

Arkansas senator gets personal with trans witness and asks, “Do you have a penis?”
In a perfect encapsulation of the dehumanizing contempt that Republicans show for trans Americans AND for women, state Senator Matt Mckee derailed a hearing on a bill to limit gender-affirming care for teens to demand whether or not pharmacist Gwendolyn Herzig “had a penis.” The entire room was visibly appalled at McKee’s horrifying rudeness and unprofessional conduct, and it is just more proof that this entire charade has nothing to do with the well-being of children but is just a performative exercise in bigotry and the right-wing obsession with genitalia.

Motive behind Michigan State University mass shooting remains unclear as police share new details about the gunman
While it’s still unclear why a 43-year-old man named Anthony Dwayne McRae decided to murder three people and wound five others on the Michigan State campus, we now know that he had no affiliation to the university, that he had a note detailing plans to shoot up two other schools, and that he was arrested in 2019 and charged with a felony for carrying a concealed weapon without a permit. Regardless of his motivation, we know what made this tragedy possible: guns.


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Today’s Action: Protect Gen Z’s future and invest in voter outreach! 

When it comes to progressive organizing, one of our most invaluable assets — the youth movement — is consistently overlooked or outright ignored. Voters of Tomorrow was organized by then-17-year-old Santiago Mayer in 2019, with the principal aims of bridging the gap between Gen Z voters and conventional politics and encouraging young people to become civically engaged, but things haven’t been easy. Mayer recently tweeted, “While the far right invests millions to reach young voters, we have been struggling to keep even our most basic programs funded.” There is no reason pro-democracy programs tailored to reach American youth should be struggling. We must invest in our young people NOW, before it’s too late. 

Voters of Tomorrow has registered thousands of voters, amassed an army of volunteers, and reached tens of millions of people through a series of organic social media trends and digitally organized events. The one thing they’re missing is abundant funding. 

Invest in the youth of America by donating today to Voters of Tomorrow, then call on your friends and family to do the same! A few dollars could mean the difference between reaching a few extra young voters fighting against Republican extremists and giving up precious ground to the GOP and their nefarious, intolerant agenda. 


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