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BREAKING: Twitter suspends a slew of journalists critical of Elon Musk

Top Stories for December 16:

Donald Trump is selling bizarre NFT “trading cards” of himself for $99

The much-hyped “huge announcement” on Thursday turned out to be — shocker — just another shameless grifting opportunity for the disgraced ex-president. For the low, low, low price of just $99, you too can purchase NFT images of laughably poor photoshops of Trump as a cowboy, or holding a football, or riding an elephant. But wait! There’s more! You could even win a “priceless” dinner with Mango Mussolini himself that will never ever happen! It’s just astonishing to see how much contempt Trump and his cronies have for his fans.

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Special counsel probe takes turn with bombshell new evidence

The newly discovered trove of text messages from Trump’s right-hand man could have huge consequences for the disgraced ex-president and his cronies.

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Fox News hosts humiliate themselves protecting Trump after midterms

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Beyond pathetic.

An intel analyst tried to prevent the Jan. 6 attack — but DHS failed to act
Once again, we are faced with the prospect of our law enforcement agencies being staffed by questionable characters far too friendly to Trump and his seditious ideas. A letter obtained by Yahoo! News reveals that a 21-year-old intelligence analysis found evidence online of domestic terrorists planning the January 6th attack on the Capitol — and was studiously ignored by his superiors at the Department of Homeland Security after alerting them.

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Rail workers oust union president who backed labor deal
Scabs and cowards beware! The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen, the 28,000-member union of railroad workers, has elected a new president. The outgoing president, Dennis Pierce, openly advocated for accepting a laughably weak deal that didn’t give workers anywhere near the 15 days of paid sick leave they had all fought for — and even made flimsy excuses for the railway companies. “Contracts between the railroads and their employees have never had sick time… There are a lot of industries that don’t have that in their contract,” said Pierce in an interview. Eddie Hall, who has worked on the rails for 28 years and never considered moving up in union ranks until this debacle, will take over as new president.

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“There must be something in the water:” How 3M’s toxic chemical dumping poisoned a generation of Minnesotan kids

A truly horrifying tale that is all too familiar to too many Americans, the 3M conglomerate flooded the Oakdale area drinking water with toxic chemicals in 2005, increasing local children’s chances of getting rare cancers by 171%. One of those kids, Amara Strande, was 15 when she learned a nearly 15-pound tumor was embedded in her liver, and has had over 20 surgeries to keep removing the tumors that keep growing back. 17 years later, residents still struggle with mysterious ailments, while the company has never admitted wrongdoing or faced any consequence beyond a $850 million settlement — a drop in the bucket for a company that pulls in $33 billion in revenue a year. The appalling absence of any meaningful consequence for corporate malfeasance has resulted in a complete lack of justice for the countless Americans poisoned by their greed.

Texas creates chilling registry of 16,000 people who changed genders on their driver’s licenses
Texas Attorney General and indicted criminal Ken Paxton has been at the forefront of the GOP’s regressive war against women’s rights, immigrant rights, and LGBTQ+ rights. Now, his office has been discovered attempting to build a database of all the Texans who changed their genders on their driver’s licenses, an obvious effort to catalog and then surveil trans people. Thankfully, he didn’t get what he wanted, since there’s no way to tell who was changing their gender because they were trans and who was correcting a clerical error — but it’s a very disturbing sign of escalation in the GOP’s constant witch-hunts against their political punching bags.

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The US is suing Arizona over shipping containers on the border with Mexico
Outgoing Republican Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has wasted $100 million on a ramshackle border “wall” made out of trash and shipping containers — and now the government is taking legal action. The ridiculous eyesore, which social media users have proven is scaleable in less than fifteen seconds, trespasses on federal land and poses a huge risk to both public safety and the environment.

The National Archives releases more JFK files
The National Archives and Records Administration released a trove of 13,173 documents related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on Thursday, shortly after President Biden issued an executive order authorizing their disclosure, while keeping thousands of other sensitive records under wraps. While the latest release is a welcomed development, the government’s insistence on withholding and heavily redacting troves of important information — some that might even be slightly critical of the CIA — 59 years after Kennedy’s murder is rankling historians and transparency advocates alike who’ve grown beyond weary of the half-century-plus dodge.

Police officer Aaron Dean found guilty of manslaughter in killing of Atatiana Jefferson
The jury has found former police officer Aaron Dean guilty of manslaughter for the killing of Atatiana Jefferson, a 28-year-old Black woman who was fatally shot in her Fort Worth, Texas, home in 2019. Dean was lurking outside her window while “checking up” on the home because a door had been left open; Jefferson, hearing an intruder outside, drew her gun from her purse and was shot dead almost immediately in front of her young nephew.

The Night Raids: CIA backed and trained Afghan government death squads that killed countless civilians
A shocking new report reveals how the CIA waged a classified war against Afghan civilians through death squads known as “Zero Units” that acted on flawed intelligence and mowed down men, women, and children — some as young as two — who had no discernible connection to terrorist groups.


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Today’s Action: Tell Howard Brown Health to not lay off workers right before Christmas!

Just in time for the holiday season, executives at Howard Brown Health are planning to lay off at least 60 union staffers — a decision that will not only affect the livelihoods of some of our most important frontline workers, but also the community they serve. Beyond the sheer inhumanity and piss-poor timing of the plan, it will flip the care the company is able to provide to patients on its head. The layoffs are cutting already understaffed areas of the hospital, as well as completely slashing LGBTQIA+ family planning services. The layoffs will leave just two sexual assault trauma care persons and only six therapists to serve 30,000 patients.

CEO David Munar’s milquetoast statement that the removal of 60 staffers would not affect patient care couldn’t be further from the truth. It will drastically impact the lives of staff, their family members, patients, and more. With this move, Howard Brown Health’s management is effectively saying they couldn’t care less about mental health and family planning in Chicago — or the people they employ. We can’t stand for it.

With a strike on the horizon, Howard Brown Health Workers United needs our solidarity now more than ever. That can come in the form of donations to the solidarity fund or angry emails to the people in charge, or both if you’re feeling impassioned. However you show your solidarity, do everything you can to tell Howard Brown Health to NOT lay off workers — especially right before Christmas. Bah Humbug!


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