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Top Stories for May 11:

Trump’s CNN town hall was an appalling display of journalistic malpractice

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “What exactly is a total shit show?” CNN and Trump gave you the answer last night! In a garish, 70-minute cash-and-ratings grab, Trump bragged about being allowed to do sexual assault, trashed E. Jean Caroll, and praised his “beautiful” insurrection, while CNN continued its new rightward march into the abyss in an absolutely disgraceful preview of what’s to come in 2024.

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Trump snaps, issues unhinged response to court loss

“Mad” doesn’t even begin to describe it.

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Winning one open Arizona seat is key to taking back the House

Yassamin Ansari for Congress: Winning in Arizona means we get our majority back — and losing means that some of the most unhinged election-denying, democracy-hating Trumpers in the country will be headed to Washington. Yassmin Ansari is a fantastic candidate running for Congress in a crucial Arizona seat to make sure we deliver President Biden a new majority for his second term! Can you chip in to help keep Trump’s most radical minions out of office?

Louisiana Republicans kill rape and incest exceptions in abortion ban after unhinged hearing
Louisiana’s House Committee on the Administration of Justice closely listened to testimony from a notorious pastor — currently facing numerous child-abuse charges — who argued that women would simply use a rape exception to “put their boyfriends behind bars just to avoid giving birth,” then ignored impassioned testimony from sobbing rape survivors begging legislators for a dash of empathy.

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Secretive, right-wing anti-women’s group gets “women’s bill of rights” passed in Kansas
You won’t be surprised to learn that the Republican “women’s bill of rights” does not actually contain any rights for women but instead is just a big pile of anti-trans bigotry pushed by a right-wing dark money group that also opposes the Equal Rights Amendment, equal pay, and childcare investments — you know, rights that women in America are ACTUALLY being denied.

Take Action: Tell Congress to put an end to Republicans holding us hostage with the debt ceiling!

George Santos pleads not guilty to federal indictment

The three-time Stanley Cup champion and inventor of the fax machine refused to resign and clumsily admitted no guilt for a slew of financial crimes he is 1000000% percent guilty of having committed.

House Republicans allege Biden family members received millions in payments from foreign entities in new bank records report
At the very same time one of their colleagues was being arrested for absurd amounts of fraud, Rep. James Comer and the gang were busy laying out their big case against the notorious Biden crime family… which didn’t actually include any evidence of criminality or any connection to President Biden himself at all. If Hunter got up to some shady deals, by all means, investigate away — as long as you do Jared and Ivanka next.

Biden finally settles “age” question with MUST-SEE response

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Perfect response.

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GOP Sen. Tuberville on white nationalists in the military: “I call them Americans”
Sentient jockstrap Tommy Tuberville declared that he WANTS there to be lots of white supremacists in the military and condemned the Biden administration for trying to root them out, even though a white supremacist previously kicked out of the military committed a mass shooting in Texas just four days ago. The official Republican Party policy of “white supremacy is good” has been well known for a while, but it’s still surprising to see the quiet part blasted through a megaphone like this.

Joe Manchin vows to oppose all Biden’s EPA nominees over climate plan
The fossil fuel sycophant made the announcement after the EPA unveiled a plan to dramatically cut greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuel plants — doing everything in his power to accelerate the looming ecological apocalypse, all so he can make a few extra bucks and maybe get re-elected one more time.

Watchdog report discovers Israeli forces killed 20 journalists in 22 years
Nobody has ever been held accountable for those killings, which were financed in part by the $70 billion the United States has given to Israel over the past two decades. It’s high time we pump the brakes on this gravy train.

Chicago gay bars boycott Bud Light for deserting Dylan Mulvaney
If you liked Beer Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace (That Existed Only in the Imagination of Conservatives), you’ll love Episode II: Attack of the Queens.


Santos Maria!

Things fall apart



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Today’s Action: Support the Writers Guild of America strike!

The writers of all our favorite TV and streaming shows are on strike, and for very good reason. While the advent of streaming has unleashed a torrent of wonderful, high-quality entertainment, it has proven financially calamitous for writers, who have found themselves working for less and less pay year after year. Adjusted for inflation, writer pay has dropped 14% over the past five years! On top of that, their jobs (and the future quality of our favorite shows) are being threatened by the looming specter of AI-generated content and the hunger of big corporations to cut every single job they possibly can to maximize profits.

The companies’ behavior has created a gig economy inside a union work force, and their immovable stance in this negotiation has betrayed a commitment to further devaluing the profession of writing, the Writers Guild of America said in a statement.

CEO compensation last year averaged roughly $32 million at the industry’s 12 major media companies. It’s obvious these juggernauts can afford to properly compensate their writers. If they won’t, then writers should continue to strike until they receive a fair contract.

Support striking WGA writers by donating your time and/or finances! You can write letters of support, donate to the Snacklist (which delivers food and coffee to striking writers), share their demands using the WGA social media toolkit (#WGAstrong, #WGAstrike), or — if you’re in LA or New York City — join them on the frontlines!

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