Tell Congress not to settle for Trump’s illegal sham executive order. Pass a REAL relief package!

Target: The U.S. House of Representatives

With emergency unemployment assistance expired, record high rates of families facing eviction, and schools pressured to re-opening, Republicans finally have agreed to discuss another COVID-19 relief package with Democrats.

But after the first two weeks of negotiations failed to produce an agreement, Trump, facing ever-lower polling numbers, got desperate and issued an executive order for limited pandemic relief to save his own face.

The order is not only illegal and unconstitutional – it’s also unlikely to produce real relief any time soon. 

Sign here to tell Congress we STILL need another COVID-19 relief package, regardless of Trump’s empty executive order.

Trump wants to extend unemployment insurance…by telling states to shell out funding they don’t have, using an administrative system that doesn’t exist. 

He ordered his administration to look at helping families facing eviction…without reinstating the moratorium on evictions that expired at the end of July, or setting aside money for renters or homeowners.

And Trump deferred payroll taxes, without cutting them – meaning employees will still need to pay them back in 2021, while Social Security and Medicare just lost a major funding source.

This is not relief. Congress MUST still act.

Add your name to tell Congress they must pass a pandemic relief package, in spite of Trump’s useless executive order.