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Top Stories for May 8:

Tucker Carlson preparing for war with Fox News after firing

Fire up that corn popper! We’re about to see how white people fight. [RETWEET THAT!]

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Republican governor who has fought affordable access his entire career says only way to combat epidemic of gun violence is to address mental health
Texas governor and deeply unserious man with many thoughts and prayers, Greg Abbott, declared that the only solution to America’s gun violence epidemic is addressing mental health — something he’s actually fought against funding his entire career. Of course, America is not the only country with mental health concerns but, it is the only developed nation with more privately owned guns than people where any disgruntled adult can walk down the street and buy a weapon of war. It’s the guns, it’s the guns, it’s the guns, it’s the guns.

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Biden finally settles “age” question with MUST-SEE response

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Perfect response.

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President Biden castigates Republicans, again demands action after Texas’ latest mass shooting
Reiterating calls to immediately pass a new assault weapons ban, an exasperated Biden stated, “Republican members of Congress cannot continue to meet this epidemic with a shrug. Tweeted thoughts and prayers are not enough.” Uh, unfortunately, that’s exactly what they will do. The path to gun safety reform is through the ballot box, folks.

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Agents reviewing Texas gunman’s extremist, neo-Nazi social media postings
Mauricio Garcia, 33, reportedly expressed interest in white supremacist and neo-Nazi views on his social media accounts and was wearing a “Right Wing Death Squad” patch on his chest during the massacre, which took the lives of eight and injured at least seven others. When Republicans refuse to take action on guns, these are the people that they’re arming, and they know it.

Trump rejects final opportunity to testify in rape case

The disgraced ex-president predictably failed to show up and testify in his ongoing rape defamation case after repeatedly telling reporters he would personally take the stand. When asked why, he responded, “It’s a disgrace that it’s allowed to happen, false accusations against a rich guy, or in my case against a famous, rich, and political person.” No, seriously, that’s a real thing he said.

North Carolina’s Democratic governor vows to veto GOP’s 12-week abortion ban, citing great harm
Gov. Roy Cooper dismissed Republicans’ recently passed 12-week abortion ban on the grounds it would largely put an end to abortion in North Carolina. “They’ve dressed this up as a 12-week ban, but it’s really not. It will effectively ban many abortions altogether, because of the obstacles that they have created for women, for clinics, and for doctors,” Cooper noted. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again (and again). This isn’t really about fetuses. Or babies. It’s about Republicans — mostly male, mostly white — controlling women.

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Wall Street sours on DeSantis as Trump challenger
Florida Gov. and walking gaffe machine Ron DeSantis is losing precious steam with that most coveted club of Republican gatekeepers — Wall Street donors — as his war on Disney, obsession with banning books and bullying LGBTQ kids, and, um, pudding-eating habits have all taken a serious toll on his fledgling presidential ambitions.

8 dead, at least 10 injured after Range Rover plows into group waiting for bus near Texas border migrant center
Officials are working to determine whether the horrific act was intentional or if the driver — who is in custody and reportedly not cooperating with investigators — was intoxicated, but the fact that witnesses say that they heard the driver insulting his victims makes it pretty clear that the constant dehumanization of immigrants by right-wing media is taking a toll of lives.


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Today’s Action: Tell your senators to reject Kevin McCarthy’s ridiculous budget proposal!

With the United States rapidly approaching the current federal debt ceiling, Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has made it clear that he plans to hold the entire economy hostage unless the Biden administration agrees to catastrophic budget cuts to America’s social safety net. Republicans are calling for $4.5 trillion in cuts, including 22% from the Veterans Administration, an end to Pell Grants for poor college students, killing President Biden’s student loan cancellation plan, repealing green energy tax incentives, and eliminating $80 billion from the IRS’ budget — which would cause the government to LOSE even more money — but not a penny taken from the Pentagon’s coffers, of course.

All that for a measly one-year extension of the debt ceiling, so we can go through this whole preposterous standoff again before next year’s general election. The GOP bill passed the House late last month, but Democrats in the Senate now have the chance to stop the madness.

Call (202-224-3121) or write your senators and tell them to reject McCarthy’s ridiculous proposal and raise the debt ceiling without cutting crucial investments!

We cannot allow Speaker McCarthy and his clown caucus to continue using the entire economy as a bargaining chip to fulfill the Republican dream of repealing trillions of dollars of vital services.

Kevin McCarthy doesn’t care about government spending when it comes to cutting taxes for the ultraweathy or writing the endless blank checks for the military, but he sure seems keen on stripping critical resources from ordinary Americans.

Call (202-224-3121) or write your senators and tell them to say NO to McCarthy’s awful budget proposal!

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