Tell Harris County not to give our tax dollars and special treatment to ExxonMobil!

Target: Judge Hidalgo and County Commissioners

If ExxonMobil won’t treat its workers fairly and protect the Houston community, they shouldn’t receive taxpayer dollars.

For more than 19 weeks, 650 steelworkers have been locked out of their jobs without pay because these workers demanded Exxon maintain adequate staffing with experienced people. Refinery work is dangerous and these well-trained union members were seeking to protect not only themselves but also Houston community.

Meanwhile, Exxon is talking about getting taxpayer incentives and special treatment to develop new projects in Houston. This is wrong! Exxon’s disregard for both its experienced, trained workforce and the well-being of our community should not be rewarded with taxpayer dollars.

For the good of our community, ExxonMobil should end the lockout immediately and return to the job 650 workers who have decades of training for the safe operation of the refinery.

Harris County Commissioners should reject any attempt by ExxonMobil to receive taxpayer dollars or incentives linked to the development of carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) infrastructure in our community. Harris County should limit CCS collaboration to employers who, by respecting the rights of working people, also prioritize the public good.

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