Call for Texas to invest in carbon-free, healthy schools!

It’s possible to simultaneously tackle climate change, improve the health of Texas students and their school facilities, and save millions in energy costs. The Texas Climate Jobs Project is fighting to make all of that happen. 

Schools should be safe and healthy for staff and students, and in that fact they should be a model for carbon-free buildings. Replacing old heating and air conditioning systems, fixing deteriorating rooftops, repairing outdated electrical systems — all the work that needs to be done that can bring jobs to Texans while protecting our young people.

Add your name to call for Texas to invest in carbon-free, healthy schools!

Bold climate action, good union jobs — Texas can have both. On top of that, our schools and workforce will benefit. It’s a no-brainer. We need federal and local lawmakers to make the healthy, cost-effective school model a reality for students across the state. 

Providing schools with low-cost financing for green energy could allow schools to re-invest their cost-savings into maintenance and classroom instruction, which means more money for our educators. The positive benefits can’t be overstated.

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