Stand against conservatives’ dangerous, racist attacks against immigrants!

Target: Texas Governor Greg Abbott

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has begun busing what he calls “​​hoards” of migrants and asylum-seekers to Washington D.C. in the wake of President Biden’s Title 42 rollback.

This is nothing more than a sick and reprehensible stunt that will further trigger militarization and violence against people seeking asylum. 

We need your help to fight back. Sign today to support United We Dream’s immigrant youth-led movement’s work to resist this dangerous rhetoric and far-right schemes! 

Gov. Abbott’s gimmick announcement comes just as some moderate Democrats are starting to push back against the announcement to end Title 42.  Rooted in racism and xenophobia, Title 42 is the brainchild of Trump’s white nationalist advisor, Stephen Miller, and it disproportionately hurts Black and brown immigrants.

Conservatives like Gov. Abbott are resorting to scare tactics to pressure Democrats in Washington to reconsider the end of Title 42, and their efforts seem to be working. 

That’s why the work of United We Dream is so important. We have to rise above the noise and make our demands undeniable to the Democrats we helped elect. With an anti-immigrant amendment to keep Title 42 being considered in the next COVID relief package, we need to ensure all Democrats stand against this Trump-era policy.

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