Visibility — How it Works / FAQ

“atAdvocacy has been instrumental in producing viral content that advances our mission in diverse, creative and entertaining ways while being on message and grounded in facts. It’s really refreshing to see social media flooded with accurate, positive information that motivates people to act on climate.”
– Hannah Blatt, Communications for EDF Action

atAdvocacy works with clients to develop visibility campaigns promoting progressive candidates, organizations, and causes on social media. With an influencer network reaching an organically curated audience of more than 50 million highly-engaged, action-ready progressives, atAdvocacy is uniquely positioned to reach a large but targeted audience, with the most effective creative content, delivered by trusted authorities on progressive values.

The atAdvocacy methodology has been tested and refined to immediately yield high virtual engagement that leads to measurable growth for the long term. Whether an organization is small or a household name, atAdvocacy has proven strategies and influencer partners to meet the need.

How it works:

1. atAdvocacy works with clients to identify key objectives and designs a social media visibility strategy that will be implemented by the most effective messengers in atAdvocacy’s influencer network to meet goals and budget.

2. atAdvocacy fully organizes and manages the visibility campaign, including:

— Messaging and creative framework consulting
— Building influencer team
— Content workshopping with each creator
— Campaign preparation management
— Launch day communications

3. atAdvocacy reports campaign results to client.


How can we be sure we get what we pay for?

While traditional influencer marketing firms charge for the most superficial metrics (such as impressions or potential reach), atAdvocacy measures success through actual high-quality engagements — likes, comments, shares, retweets, bookmarks — that demonstrate meaningful connections to the message.

We are confident in our methodology, which is why atAdvocacy guarantees at least two engagements generated by influencers within our network per dollar invested.

Who are atAdvocacy’s clients?

atAdvocacy works with campaigns and nonprofits working to make the world a better place by furthering progressive values and strengthening the Democratic Party. Within that frame, clients range from Charles Booker to the Environmental Defense Fund.

How does atAdvocacy work with the organization?

atAdvocacy works with the organization to come up with a timeline, budget, and messaging framework that will further the identified objective and resonate with a progressive online audience. atAdvocacy then mobilizes the agreed upon strategies by engaging its vast network of progressive creators, paying them a fair, living wage to create and share user-generated content with their audiences. atAdvocacy manages the campaign from start to finish. After the conclusion of the campaign, atAdvocacy will provide reporting on results. It’s that simple.

What if we want to incorporate a call-to-action link?

atAdvocacy welcomes call-to-action links, including sign ups or fundraising links as secondary visibility goals. Many campaigns have included calls to action and have performed very well!

What if our organization does not have a communications or digital team?

atAdvocacy works with clients of all different sizes and scopes! Our team works directly on the design and implementation of visibility campaigns, effectively at as the campaign’s in-house team when desired. Plus, user-generated content can be an asset to teams with smaller communication and digital programs that allows them to scale quickly.

“This sounds too good to be true.”

Correct! Those are the words a recent client used before seeing the results. Using our methodology, we consistently deliver tens of thousands of engagements in a single day — not just social media likes but meaningful interactions from real world activists who then help an organization meet its goals.