Pledge to vote in the upcoming primaries!

Target: You!

For our democracy to be the most representative as it can possibly be, participation by voters is crucial. Making sure the right candidates who will fight for the right policies are on the ballot in November is more important than ever before, as we’ve seen firsthand over the past few months how a single conservative Democratic Senator can obstruct the party’s entire agenda.

Voter participation in primary elections is astoundingly low; for instance, only 18% of Texas voters cast a ballot in their primary elections. This allows a small contingent of dedicated voters to dictate who gets to challenge Republicans for seats in November — and with redistricting sharply reducing the number of competitive seats up for grabs, a primary win more often than not will be a one-way ticket to Washington.

Will you pledge to vote in your upcoming primary election?

Low primary turnout helped keep anti-abortion and anti-gay marriage Democrat Dan Lipinski in office for a staggering thirteen years until he was finally ousted by progressive Marie Newman in 2018, who has already proven herself to be a dedicated champion of America’s working families.

Redistricting expert Dave Wasserman project that as much as 94% of the House could be in “safe” seats (where neither party has less than a five-point advantage). Primary elections are about to become more important than they ever have before — and we need YOU to vote!

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