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With a week to go before the election, early voting hit 50% of ALL ballots cast in 2016. Between four years of built-up anticipation to vote Trump out and the pandemic that Trump refused to control, millions of Democrats have followed through on their vow to vote as early as possible to ensure their vote gets counted.

Every early vote shows us the message is successfully getting through. So don’t end with voting: now, spread the word!

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If you’re reading this and haven’t cast your vote, a few important reminders:

Early voting: Don’t wait until Nov 3 to visit the polls…if your state has early voting polls open, GO NOW to reduce your wait time in line!
Absentee ballots: Deliver your ballot to an official dropbox or directly to election officials in person instead of mailing, to ensure your ballot arrives BY Nov 3! Many states refuse to count ballots that arrive after Nov 3, even if they’re postmarked in time.

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