Address the causes of increasing wildfires

United States Congress

More than 4.2 million total acres of coast redwood and giant sequoia forests burned down in California during the fires of 2020. Although the forests are fire adapted and have been thriving, fire-resilient ecosystems for millions of years, climate change and 170 years of commercial logging has put that resiliency in a vulnerable position. 

While the wildfire season in 2020 was unprecedented in severity, climate disasters can only be expected to increase in tandem with global warming. In early June of 2021, the drought in Southwestern states was already either the driest or second driest recorded since the beginning of recordkeeping in 1895– while the West experienced even worse.

Add your name to Save the Redwoods League’s call for leaders to address the causes of increasing wildfires, and quickly.

Save the Redwoods League has been doing the critical work to mitigate risk, ensure the properties they manage are prepared for a future with increasingly extreme wildfires, and encourage state and federal land managers to do the same for coastal redwood and giant sequoia forests. 

But they can’t do it alone. Climate change is something we all have to tackle, together.

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